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How Motivated Are You Really - To Take Action

At some point in your search for a solution, you will arrive at more questions than answers. You will
become self informed, but also a little bit uncertain, asking yourself, “how does all this apply to
me?” . At that point, it is valuable to talk to a real person with live answers.

What’s A Strategy Session


We are in the business of delivering consistent marketing results over time, inside highly collaborative relationships, with brands we’ve either built or adopt as if they are our own. We build sales funnels and marketing systems that generate qualified leads which convert to sales and profit.

A Strategy Session is an online meeting with one of our consultants. It is also a step in our own system, designed to give you the maximum help possible, directing you to specific actions – at our cost. At the end of the session, you will have had some valuable insights, and we will both know each other well enough to decide if talking some more is helpful or not.

So What’s In A Strategy Session?


Structure of the Call


We will invite you to a Skype call;

- Lasting between 20 – 45 minutes as appropriate, and can include

- Exploring your biggest challenge

- Review your existing digital assets

- Consult on your marketing strategy – benchmarking your strengths and blind spots.

- Identify specific channel strategies that work.

We will explore the following questions in the meeting;

- What Results Do You Really Need?

- Where Should You Take Action?

- How Best To Get There


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WAIT ! Did You Grab These Resources Yet?

The purpose of the Strategy Session is to educate and inform you in your decision making process. We have prepared some detailed resources to help you evaluate our credibility, because let’s face it – without establishing credibility, nothing we say could be valuable enough to follow.


Are you Focused on...
Business to Business

This guide demonstrates how to execute your digital marketing in such a way as to generate qualified leads for your business - on demand.

Get our free download

Are you Focused on...
Retail Customers

How to solve any marketing problem for any product using what works best in Digital Marketing in less that 30 days

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Are You Focused On
Getting It Right

If you truly want to avoid making mistakes and generate real competitive advantage, then you need to grab your dynamic strategy builder first.



Are You Following a
Structured System?

This short video will show you a brief presentation of Mark explaining the 9 Part system we teach and use.

Watch Video

Are you Thinking 


View our Slideshare on Templates for Strategic Thinking.

View Presentation

Do You Understand How
It all fits together?

This brochure will detail all the components you need to build an online campaign

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You don’t have to ‘prepare’ as such, but it’s common sense that the better informed you are, the more pieces of the jigsaw you become aware of, then the better will be the quality of the session.


Might We be able to work together?


Before we explore anything together, we need to qualify for your valuable time, so if you think our FREE resources are useful, consider how much might our PAID services be to you, because if we both think it’s a valuable fit – that’s where we could very well end up – in a working relationship.

There are only 4 Questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Can Froggo Actually Deliver What I Need, On Time And In Full?
    and how much credibility do they actually have for me to consider working with them? Read More
  2. Can I Invest in an Online Marketing Campaign?
    and is there a risk of me losing money? Read More
  3. Am I prepared to make a Yes/No Decision?
    without asking a committee - but decide on what exactly? Read More
  4. Am I ambitious enough to implement any necessary changes?
    why is this important? Read More

If you decided Yes or Maybe to ALL questions, then take it to the next level and book a session and review all the free materials before we talk.

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The Ultimate <br /> Marketing <br
/> Playbook

The Ultimate

How Much Is It?


The Strategy Session Is Entirely Free


Of course you want to know what it is going to cost you, it is basic human nature and you know we are not a charity. The real question behind this question, what we really get asked is – How much does it cost for your services and will I see enough value in it?

There are 3 things we will concentrate on after the strategy session, IF we agree to keep exploring possibilities:

1. We will most probably have a second follow up call with a Senior Consultant. Often, things are discussed in the Strategy Session that lead to a specialist answer, so we go and get that from the specialist.

2. We will most likely present back to you in that second call, the exact blend of strategies, components and activities targeted to the discussion points of the first call.

3. If you’re finding value in what we say, you’ll want to explore outline budgets and working practices with us. We have all that covered, but we only discuss it with qualified action takers.

4. Our Brochure shows a wide range of what we do. Our components and bundles range in price from $49 all the way through $100,000 plus. We can even extend payment terms beyond the work we provide – so we can hit almost ANY budget.

5. Our services can be one off’s or long term contracts of up to 2 years in some instances.



online-sales-systemBy booking a Strategy Session, you acknowledge that there is a real cost of our resources associated with the meeting and undertake and promise that you are neither a tire kicker nor time waster. You warrant that you have a genuine desire to understand tangible answers to a real marketing challenge. You also warrant that you are smart enough to know that the Strategy Session is for educational purposes only and that you may not rely on the information provided if you make stupid decisions. No claims of earnings nor numerical returns on investment will be discussed outside of case studies and you acknowledge these as educational only. Always seek advice from your Boss, Spouse or Significant Other before embarking on any Strategy Session because you’ll look really foolish if we have to repeat it all again for them. Finally you acknowledge this disclaimer as tongue in cheek, poking fun at our consultants and confirm you have a sense of humor

All joking aside, we DO want you to have a valuable experience


Even if it is just this one time, so in addition to the Free Resources listed above, we will also give you a free gift with no obligations. A full “warts and all” review of your existing website.


1. 67 part Review of your existing Website

2. Interpretation of what it means and what to do next

3. Clear repair instructions for your Web Developer or I.T. technician

4. Value $500