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Do you have an e-shop or actively sell products online?

Are you following a content distribution strategy ?

Do you know the important milestones in your campaign execution?

Do you understand the psychology behind spending money?

Do you regularly get x3 times return on your marketing spend?

Do you have a clear Video Hosting strategy ?

Can you edit basic CMS or WordPress content systems?

Do you deliver what browsers want in under 4 clicks?

Have you successfully segmented your website visitors?

Have you identified who it is that wants what you have? 

Do you have a detailed plan for your marketing campaign?

Do you have an active Headline Swipe File?

Do you measure your campaign performance?

Have you integrated your online with your offline sales process?

Does your Website change in response to mobile and tablet devices?

Are you using screen capture software?

Can you run split tests on your campaign objectives?

Have you listed your campaign priorities?

Can you embed links into emails easily?

Have you identified the deliverables from each campaign stage?

Do you know how to position what you want to say?

Are you following a proven, profitable system? 

Can you list the Change Events of Life which most influence your buyer?

Do you leverage convincer states in your campaign copy?

Have you created 50 or more web 2.0 properties and profiles?

Do you know how to run Search Engine Pay Per Click activities?

Does your Design make it easy for visitors to make decisions?

Do you know why people buy – specifically?

Do you understand Google Analytics?

Do you understand what motivates browsers to take action?

Can you run effective Facebook marketing campaigns?

Have you mastered Video as a core content strategy?

Do you multipurpose your content for leverage?

Can you distinguish between Follow and No Follow link building?

Have you identified the other dependencies that rely on each stage?

Are you following a long tail Keyword Strategy in your content? 

Are you are using an Autoresponder sequence?

Do you reinvest 20% of your sales back into new campaigns?

Do you understand how to increase Click Through Rates?

Are you are skilled in 1-2-1 negotiating and closing?

Do you have something to sell? 

Can you build a Sales Funnel sequence?

Do you measure or track your marketing performance?

Can you use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool? 

Are you using Skype, Oovoo, or Google Hangouts for meetings?

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What's It All About?

45 Predictive Yes / No Questions. Measuring the 9 Core Strategic Areas Of Online Marketing Success. You will get unique results tailored to your answers for your company which will be generated in under 5 minutes with 100% no cost to you. Finally, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to LIVE results.

What You Will Discover About Your Business

sales and skills

Sales and Skill

How confident are you when it comes to understanding and extrapolating test results in order to predict a return on investment. This test will measure your levels of u nderstanding and fill in the blanks.

buyer psychology

Buyer Psychology

Understanding buyer psychology is perhaps the least well understood, yet most powerful weapon of influence for the marketer. Measure how well you can communicate with your prospects, their learning style and buying triggers

email marketing

Email Marketing

Email is far from dead, but there are so many ways to get it wrong. This test will reflect just how far you might have been led astray from best practice, and reveal the insights you might have missed.

campaign planning

Campaign Planning

If you don’t understand how to measure, what to measure and what to do with the answers, then budget allocation becomes the equivalent of playing blind darts. How well do you plan?

content strategy

Content Strategy

If you get your content wrong, you are wasting your breath and your time and probably your money. Understanding the importance of your assets and their interconnectivity is crucial. Do you?

generating traffic

Generating Traffic

Traffic is an easy thing to get wrong - especially wasting money on junk visits. It can be all about timing and knowledge, so this test will measure your knowledge and reveal the biggest secret that very few understand

marketing platform

Marketing Platform

Templates and SaaS platform providers make it easy to get things very wrong which makes understanding different logic models critical when using them. There is another way, and this test measures and corrects your current understanding

marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

Even those who are tactically brilliant can be strategically mistaken, just ask General Custer or the invading Russian Army in Afghanistan - both outwitted. How well can you predict your own limitations and what will you do about it?