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Mark was invited to speak at Forum One in Lithuania, sharing the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Joseph McClendon 3rd, and the amazing Scorpions rock group.

It was a powerful event, here’s a snippet of the transcript…….

“Before I start, I’m curious, and wondering, what brought you here today? When you started your career maybe you were full of hope and excitement, when you started your business you had a strong purpose, a mission. When you started, you believed in yourself - you had a sparkle in your eye, and a spring in your step - You were Awesome -

Can you remember those days?

And then work became harder, just little by little - you maybe had a bad boss and you closed over, maybe your job wasn’t what you hoped it would be and you closed over a little bit more, you might have made a few mistakes along the way and you closed over a little bit each time.

Your company missed its targets, cashflow became tight, stress gripped your life and you closed over a little bit more each time.

Until eventually you forgot why you started. You see we learn, don’t we, we learn not to take risks, to protect ourselves.

We learn to don’t stop hoping, don’t stop developing, we become experts at holding back. closed over, and believing a little bit that we are not as valuable as we used to be 7.

Well, I came by today to remind you that you are just as valuable today as the day you were born, that Sparkle you once had, deserves to be there , shining for everyone to see. You are STILL Awesome. You ARE Awesome”

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