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I'm Going To Share Something That Will Fundamentally Change The Way You Think About Marketing...

Date: 12th May 2015 Time: 8am - 5pm Location: 2251 N Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75082

6 Reasons Why You
Can't Afford To Miss This Seminar

Training Is Essential For Power

Global CEO’s like Athletes understand the Laws of Nature - The Quick and The Strong dominate. Training grows confidence and skills in making better decisions, sharper judgements, deeper consumer insights and ultimately, successful performance.

Revealed: The Winning Strategies

No Matter what your current size - I will demonstrate to you how you can create crystal clear purpose and direction, cruise with sales activity that generates money not cost - and set in concrete your skilled, profitable marketing processes.

There Are Secrets To Why People Buy

Neuroscience and Psychology have now unlocked the real reasons Why People Buy and world class Marketers are now doubling their buy rates by applying these scientific methods to their communication. They're simply crushing it, and we'll reveal how they're doing it so you can do it too.

Busted: The Losing Strategies

Why 99% of companies are failing at digital marketing, the common mistakes to avoid, the damage caused by unqualified website designers and the exact steps you must take immediately to stop leaking money in your selling activity.

Finding New Prospects Is Easy

The #1 problem facing every business is how to use technology wisely and cheaply to generate new leads, find new customers, and keep cash-flow stable. This will never again be a problem for you after this event.

Get The Facts. Not The Hype.

Advice about Marketing needs to be from certified, qualified sources which can back up their claims with verified proof. Mark's had 15 years as a Chartered, Certified and Masters Degree Qualified International Marketer. He’s been at VP level in 3 billion dollar multinationals and more!

Here's Just A Few Of Our Delegates Sectors Who Are Ahead Of Their Competition Already...

Hundreds of businesses have already attended our Business Marketing seminar and learned invaluable lessons that gives them a massive advantage over their competition. Your competitors WILL be at this event - will you be?

"In business - Only 2 things Really Matter: Selling at a profit, and doing it enough times over time to sustain profitable growth."

Troy Scheer The strongest company performances are not during times of economic boom. They are in that period before - when only the quick and the strong are bold and confident enough to take positive action. The timing for businesses that want to grow has never been better than now, when the economy is slowly recovering. Weak companies are scared to invest and petrified of making mistakes. As technology quickly advances, they have no clue how to cope with the future.

In a nutshell, I have closely guarded methods that I use with my private clients that address these issues, and I will share them with you when you come to this Seminar.

I’m going to cover:

  • The Real Reasons People Buy and how you can leverage that knowledge
  • How To generate new leads and prospects with proven digital methods
  • How to connect with the pre- conscious and unconscious mind
  • How to Solve the biggest headache you have right now in your business


  • You need more customers
  • You need to generate better sales from your business
  • You don’t know who your ideal customer is
  • You want to take your business to a whole different level
  • Want to benchmark you own expertise and skills
  • You want to master the skills of digital marketing
  • You want to turn around your under-performance
  • You want an edge over your competitors

See you at the event!

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Session One

The Ultimate Digital Marketing System With Proof

In the opening session you will understand the exact same steps used every day by a multinational sales and marketing consultancy with real clients every day. With zero hype, you will see step by step what you can replicate in your business in less than 30 days, which means you can see an immediate and instant return on your training investment.

  • How an HR Services company generated a 33% increase in annual sales from only one campaign, using this system as a digital salesman.
  • How an Accountant doubled their business, expanded overseas and launched a seminar business in under 6 months using this system as a rebranding weapon to generate business leads.
  • How a Recruitment company increased their visitor flow by 10 times in under 3 months by using this system to redesign how they attracted customers.
  • How a hairdresser dominated his niche using this proven digital marketing system forcing an expansion to a larger premises.
  • The photographer who used this system to reinvent herself and launched a new career as an international motivational speaker and coach flown out to VIP clients.
Session Two

Insider Marketing Strategies of the Power Brands That You Can Use Immediately

In this session you will gain access to the rarely shared methodologies for generating brand dominance used by global companies like Mars Inc. Pfizer Inc. and Pepsico Inc. You will learn how companies like these consistently stay on top, which means that you need never struggle or be at a disadvantage to any competitor ever again.

  • The worst kind of marketing decision maker and how to avoid being one of them.
  • How to create Competitive Advantage opportunities out of thin air.
  • How to neutralise ANY threat to your business.
  • How to solve the 7 most common threats facing your business right now.
  • How to avoid ever wasting any marketing budget ever again.
  • How precisely to see through customers eyes without leaving your office.
Session Three

The Psychology behind World Class Websites

In this session you’ll learn precisely why you have less than 3 seconds to persuade a visitor to stay for 3 minutes and exactly what you must do in that time - which means you can have a better performing website than 99% of all other businesses.

  • The 5 Biggest Failures for Websites today
  • How the Buying Mind Really Works
  • Creating Instant Motivation To Take Action
  • Maintaining Motivation through the whole Process
  • The Critical evaluations of a Mobile Generation
Session Four

The Irresistible Model Of Influence In Selling

In this session you’ll learn how to craft a powerful conversion campaign. You’ll understand how to plant seeds in the minds of your prospects and then carefully nurture those need-states to match the benefits of any product or service, which means you can create campaigns that bypass natural filters and hit the mark every time.

  • The Model of Creative Incubation
  • The 6 Forces driving Spending Behaviour
  • How a Recruitment company increased their visitor flow by 10 times in under 3 months by using this system to redesign how they attracted customers.
  • The 60 Change Events Of Life and how to Use Them in Marketing
  • How to Create Automatic Thoughts
Session Five

Building Your Brands Awareness and Your Customers Hunger For It

In this session you’ll discover why you must grow a powerful brand and exactly how to do it and where to do it online. You’ll understand the truth of how to harness social media profitably, which means you won’t waste time or money on distractions that will never work.

  • The Differences between a Brand, a Power Brand, and a Logo
  • Leveraging your Message with a couple of mouse clicks
  • Test Results: The best times of the week and day to get your emails opened and clicked
  • Advanced Social Media Strategies for Facebook, Linked In, and YouTube
Session Six

The Front Page of Google and Cool Tools To Get There

In this session you’ll discover some of the private strategies used by our agency to deliver guaranteed results. We’ll reveal the exact strategies we used to;

  • Drive x sales online in under 1 day
  • How one client achieved sales within 1 minute of going live
  • This Section Is Redacted as Secrets Only for the Attendees

Is The Training Worth Attending?

Well, rather than us tell you how brilliant it is, let’s see what our attendees have said...


*FREE Website Performance Assessment worth $500 (First 100 Attendees ONLY)
  • Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes In Digital Marketing
  • Isolate the causes stopping your website from attracting more buyers
  • Fix the specific errors holding back your business!

Your Questions Answered...

Where is the event taking place?

2251 N Greenville Ave Richardson, TX 75082 (Specific details given on registration)

When Does The Event Start and How Long Will It Be?

The Event starts at 8am and will last for 9 hours, finishing at 5pm.

What Does It Cost?

There are three options available to choose from on the registration page.

I don’t really understand internet marketing very well, is this event a good fit for me?

It’s a great fit even for professionals, as the information we will share has not been seen in Texas yet - even professional marketers have signed up for the event.

How many people can I bring?

Seats are limited to only 3 per company, and they must be registered in advance to avoid disappointment. Turning up at the door without registering won’t be helpful.

When will I be sent my website report?

After the seminar the website reports will be sent to all those who attended and we'll be selecting a few companies on the day to go through and analyze their reports live.

"It's never been easier to get access to the information used by the world's best and most well known brands and businesses."