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"There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story.
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Why Web Designers Can Be Very Bad For Your Brand

Video Transcription

So, let's move on to building your website right?  So let's say you've done your marketing concept test right.  You know where you're starting from.  You know what your message is. You've done your kitchen table thing.  You've written out your articles.  You've got your content ready but now you've got to build your website.  Wordpress.  It's free.  That's what you want. Wordpress.  If you want to go and learn Wordpress, be my guest.  Google loves it.  Website developers hate it because they can't charge you big fees for it.  They want it to be in Flash or they want it to be in this, they want it to be in lots of different things, it's why I have three different website developers.

Now there are times if you've got a project that you don't want Wordpress, but for almost everybody in this room, Wordpress is not only sufficient, it's actually what you want to be focussed on doing.  So is actually three sites.  All like knitted together.  One of the critical ones for the marketing is Wordpress.  

So, there's two different types of websites that you can go for right? An ugly one or a beautiful one - actually, that's NOT right.  You'd think that when you go to a website designer and they come back with these concepts.  You know, they're pink, they've got flowers on them and they've got all these things hanging off them and they flash.  You know, the American ones all blink at you.  You know, to try and do the pattern interrupt.  We don't do that over here, in terms of the blinking.  If you go to Lithuania, they're drawing in crayon.  Haha sorry, he's not here, we can do it in a different way.

So you've got two things right?  You either brand yourself.  So if you've got your book, you've got a product to sell, you want a branded version of a website, brochure online.  Good for lawyers, good for professional practices, a branding website.  It adds authority, it adds weight to the brand but there's also a secondary version of that which is what we call a fast action website.  I don't know if that's a technical term we borrowed from somebody else but that's the language that we happen to use in our company.

And this is a fast action website.   There's a video that explains what it is, it tells the visitors what they need and what they've got to do about going and getting it.  Much better than text, who reads websites?  Our attention spans are shrinking so much that we're not interested in necessarily reading text.  So you've got to think carefully about what you put on your site, what you put on your home page.  You want it to be reinforcing your message, but the core message, I think needs to be in video.

Now, I happen to be in a mastermind with a lot of other internet marketers because I want to know what they're doing, keep an eye on them and when you're doing conversion comparisons, video and text is the best.  So everybody will go, 'you need to only do video'.  And other people go, 'you must only do text', but actually I've seen the numbers and if you've got video with text, that converts the best.  And when I say convert I mean they take action having seen it.  So if you're not comfortable with your face on a video and you want to make money online, I suggest you either get a face transplant or get comfortable with it, or hire an actress or an actor, or do a different version.  Do different ways.  We do a number of different ways of doing video for clients.  Sometimes I'll do it and shoot against a green screen for them.  We do a slideshare presentation or a slideshow presentation with different music on there.  So there's different ways you can get your message across but your marketing message needs to be delivered like that (clicks fingers), in a way that they want to hear it, and it's video that does that.

The second most important thing is a call to action right?  So you've done all of this work, all of this thinking, all of this preparation, all of this design and actually what you really need to do is deliver for them a call to action.  Because otherwise, they're going to leave your website and not do anything.

The only purpose you've got a website for is to get a name, address, an email, of a possible prospect for your product or service.  You will not sell to them often on that first pass.

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