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"There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story.
You never quite know where they`ll take you." ― Beatrix Potter

Why Only 1% Of Companies Succeed With Their Internet Marketing

Video Transcription

I'm going to spend the next 10 minutes showing you why 99% of people that embark on marketing online fail.  I'm going to explode you're current capability.  In 10 minutes? Big ask.  And I'm going to tell you the one thing that you must get right in regard to your marketing online, and then of course in the next 80 minutes, I'm going to make the first 10 minutes seem tame.  A bit like I did yesterday.  So you kind of know what you're in for, let's go!

So here's my problem.  Most internet marketers, when they start thinking about going online, they ask me to describe what internet marketing's all about.  You know, can you describe this in layman's language or just plain old English because there's a lot of jargon around internet marketing.  Has anybody been exposed to the world of internet marketing? Right, so you'll see that I'm not a surfer.  I won't use words like dude or awesome, or crush.  I'm actually going to tell you what really works online.  But when somebody wants to understand what does online marketing mean, I kind of had to think more about an analogy.

My analogy is an engine.  And everybody online is trying to teach you about components, they're trying to sell you spark plugs.  They're trying to sell you oil filters.  That's about the only two things I know about an engine as I think I said yesterday.  But all theses bits go in an engine.  And we all recognise very clearly, with an engine, that if something doesn't work in there when the ignition turns, the car doesn't move anywhere.  So we get into this habit of understanding, yes I've got to have another new shiny spark plug, yes I've got to have this extra special oil filter, otherwise my engine won't work.  And actually, all these things are out there.  You've got to learn Wordpress, somebody will tell you.  Then they'll say you need to learn about Facebook iFrames.  Because if you haven't got a Facebook fanpage you're not alive... apparently.  The you've got to find all these plugins that'll work for you.  Add a shopping cart and PayPal if you want to be really sophisticated and actually try and sell something online.  But you've got to do one thing's buy loads of magic buttons.  If you don't have any magic buttons in online marketing, you're not an online marketer. You've got to then create all of these social media accounts for yourself and talk to the world in ways that no body would want to even hear you.  And if you've done all of that and you want to do it sophisticated, you integrate an auto-responder.  

Now, I don't know about you but that confuses the hell out of me.  And actually this is why 99% of people fail.  Because of that image.  It's overwhelming and it puts you off.  Now I'm going to give you a little bit of overwhelm today.  I'm warning you in advance.  But I'm going to show you tomorrow why you don't need to feel the way that I'm going to deliberately make you feel.  Well I'm not going to deliberately make you feel, but you're going to feel it.  Because I'm going to give you some detailed stuff that works and I'm going to show you some very specific ways that you can actually make money.  Remember what I said yesterday, my job on this project is to get you paid, right?  I'm here to make you make money.  So all of that "stuff" that you're learning with Bob, and all of that "stuff" that you're learning about marketing, it's going to get you some money in your pocket, otherwise you're having a nice hobby.  Make sense?

So, my very first lesson on Internet Marketing Your Way To Millions.  Write this down.  It's not about the Internet. It's about the marketing.  I think I covered that off in detail yesterday, did I not.  The internet is a tool for communication, it is not the end in mind. Clear?

Here's my second lesson about learning how to make millions on the Internet.  The Internet is not the market.  It's only the route to market.  So if you keep your frame of reference in the ways that I was teaching you yesterday, and you keep an understanding that the Internet is not this big bogie scary thing that everybody's chasing after.  Ignore the gold rush.  Do NOT get inline for a plot of land to go and siv for gold on the Internet, because your gold is around these walls.  Your gold is in the stuff that you're going to produce as a result of this three day seminar.  The Internet is not the gold.  Are you with me?  So I want to show you exactly how to turn what you've got into money, rather than run off chasing things.

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