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"There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story.
You never quite know where they`ll take you." ― Beatrix Potter

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5 Design Techniques That Will Control Your Website Visitors Like Puppets

At Froggo, site landing pages are at the core of what we teach and implement for our clients.  Getting traffic to a website is easy but the skill comes in controlling vistors like a puppet master - s ...

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3 Sexy SQL Hacks To Transfer Wordpress To A New Domain

WordPress runs off a MySQL Database.  This is where all of your content is stored when you hit the save, publish or anything that needs to be remembered inside your WP dashboard.  It's this MySQL d ...

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Is Your Website Missing UPS and Failing Because Of It?

The number of companies that come to Froggo for a website analysis report actually amazes me.  Well, it's not the fact that they come to us wanting to find out why their website isn't working (that's ...

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How To Reduce Wordpress Comment Spam

Video Transcription A self hosted Wordpress site is one of the best CMS systems for blogging out there and we recommend it to almost all of our clients minus the few that have special requirements li ...

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“Hummingbird” useful to know for those who use internet marketing

On 27 of September Google introduced new search algorithm called Hummingbird. Why it is called Hummingbird? Company claims that this algorithm is fast and precise as hummingbird. This was the big d ...

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New Internet Marketing Tool

Get more information about your clients You will never have too much information about your clients, their attitudes and behaviour. Until now you had to collect it by yourself or by hiring company to ...

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Geotargeting For International SEO

The debate about how best to geotarget for international SEO is not by any means a new topic amongst search engine optimisers.  The debate still goes on - what's the best way to get your geotargeted ...

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SEO Overwhelm Buster - 5 Tips To Cut Through The Noise And Start Getting Results

A lot of the companies that I train on SEO, whether it's one-to-one consultancy, workshops, or our members in Froggo+, they all suffer from an initial overload of information which more often than not ...

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How to show and hide text in a form using onclick and onblur

In this weeks video tutorial I show you how how to show and hide text using onclick and onblur. It's a great way to reduce the need for headings or titles in a form, or any field for that matter inclu ...

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