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"There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story.
You never quite know where they`ll take you." ― Beatrix Potter

Targeting Buyers with Your Keywords

The best way to significantly lower the amount of visitors bouncing off your website is to be more specific when it comes to your keyword choices.  Long tail keywords do just that...


So What is a Long Tail Keyword?

As you probably may well know already, a keyword doesn't have to be just one word like "golf" or "shoes".  It can contain more than one word, and so a long tail keyword is just that.  If we were to take the keyword "shoes" and convert it to a long tail keyword it would look something like;

"white running shoes for women"

Much more specific right?

Long Tail Keywords Convert More Sales

It's not surprising though, of course they're going to convert more sales - people are being more specific as to what they want to find in the search engines.  Someone who searches for "white running shoes for women" is a buyer.  They are a buyer because they know exactly what it is that they're looking for and if it's your website that comes up and presents an answer, a solution if you like, to their need (the shoes) then you're going to make that sale!

In virtually every case, such very specific searches are far more likely to convert to sales than general generic searches that tend to be geared more toward the type of research that consumers typically do prior to making a buying decision.

But here's the best bit...

Long tail keywords are easier to rank for than the more generic single keyword or double keyword phrases.

Let's use the shoe example again.  Let's say your site sells white running shoes for women.  To start with, you might have thought about using a generic phrase such as shoes.

However, if you were to go with "shoes" as the keyword, you'd be facing huge competition from sites such as and  You'd be hard pushed to knock any of those sites off the first page of the search results unless you're wanting to invest LOADS of money at a time.

More importantly, shoes is definitely not the best keyword for you to be going after anyway.  Simply because many people who are searching for that keyword could be looking for any type of shoe.  Mrs Bloggs is gearing up to run the London Marathon, she types "shoes" into the search engine and gets the latest six inch stiletto from Jimmy Choo!  Not at all what she was looking for.

They're probably not saying to themselves...

"I'm looking for a new pair of running shoes that will give me maximum support when training for the London Marathon this year".

If they were they'd be searching for something other than "shoes".  

Herere are a few highly specific keyphrases that relate to customers who are much later in the buying cycle — at least at step three, probably at step four and possibly step five:

  • california mountain climbing tours
  • beginner mountain climbing in california
  • guided mountain climbing tours
  • mount shasta family climbing tours

Of course, these are just a few examples. I'm sure you could think of many more. However, the point is twofold;

  1. The long tail keywords are much easier to rank for.
  2. People who search by using long tail keywords are far more likely to become buyers!

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