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"There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story.
You never quite know where they`ll take you." ― Beatrix Potter

Save Yourself £50,000 - Avoid The Shiny Buttons

Video Transcription

We've got some expert internet marketers in the room and they'll agree with me on many of these things.

So, What we talked about yesterday for those of you that weren't here, I thought one or two of you might come back, on the second day. So we talked about knowing your customer, knowing your business, knowing your brand and knowing your relationships but above all you need to know that you're capable.

Here's the first thing that I want to address in this potential internet marketing overwhelm that you face.  I need you to know that you're capable.  Everybody can make money online. Everybody.  You need to know that you're capable.  That big scary thing that's in front of you, "because I don't know stuff", put that out of your mind.

So, by show of hands who holds this belief? Who believes, "I want to be capable"?

How many people who raised their hand can't quite see the way that colour changes on the screen? How many people have told themselves a lie just with the raising of that hand? I wonder.  Because if you WANT to be capable, you're lying to yourself.  I don't want you to walk away from this seminar feeling that you've had a nice chinese meal and wondering why you're hungry after an hour you left the seminar.  This is NOT one of those pumped up American, attitudinal, woop-dee-doo seminars, even though we've got a Woop-dee-doo American at the back of the room.  Just case and point, notice I'm still wearing shoes NOT trainers.

So, you might tell yourself this lie if you believe you want to be capable because I'm not here to give you that belief. You've got to know you're capable. Now, this is really important for me as a mentor to you.  It has to come from in here.  You've got to know that you're capable.  Now, I can't help you if you don't know that because you will continue to be mesmerized, like Homer Simpson, by shiny buttons, ooh beer over here, ooh there's another shiny button over there.  You've got to know that you're capable and I'll tell you why.  If you hold that belief central to everything you do, you will save yourself thousands, and thousands of pounds.  You will make yourself immune to many of the shiny buttons that'll come floating past you in the months to come.

Some of you may know from the last seminar, but for those of you that are brand new, I had a project.  My project that I've been working on, for nearly eighteen months, is a brand called and I've done lot's on this.  I've nearly £200,000, £250,000 on this project.  This is a big global project.  But I was doing, it's all based on original research, I've done aspects of concept testing, I've done brand testing.  I've done what I teach other people to do and I've done this on this project.  I've done software development like you wouldn't believe.  I've got three different software houses working on this project and I've actually had three different web designers as well because the first two were rubbish.  We've done all sorts of BETA testing, and those of you that are my friends on Facebook (some of you are), if you're not yet my friend on Facebook get your smartphone out and join me.  Go and ask me for a connection and join me on Facebook because I talk a load of drivvle but it's nice.  It's fun drivvle on Facebook.

So I've gone through the ringer on developing this internet based project, now for those of you that were here yesterday you'll remember I said that my first company that I ended up selling was an internet based organisation. It was based on an internet based concept. This is going to be even bigger.  Why am I telling you this? I'm not selling anything to you on this, why am I telling you this?

Well it's because I went after engine components. I wondered around the UK and abroad and I went and I bought loads of stuff off some of these people, you may recognise them and you may not recognise them but I bought loads of stuff off people and I bought engine components on my project, Me, the marketeer. Me, the guru that knows everything that there is to know.  Got lead by the nose by the big shiny bulbs telling me that I needed to have this, and I needed to have this, and I needed to have this.  Now I'm not making any judgment on any of the names on that screen if you happen to know any of them, but none of them helped me with anything that had to do with online marketing.

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