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2 Free Tools To Measure Online Marketing Performance

The best thing about online marketing for me is that everything is measurable.  And I mean everything.  By using some basic tools we can see in our own marketing where a Froggo client first came into contact with one of our marketing messages, see what they did as an action, right through to either being face-to-face with them or them purchasing one of our products online.

But... when it comes to online performance it can be tricky to get your head around where to start.  What exactly should you be measuring?  Here are three of our favorite tools to use - two of them are free!

Google Analytics

A must have tool for any website.  You'll be amazed at just how much data Google Analytics will show you about your website.


See how many visits you're getting each month.  Track where they're coming from.  See which content is most popular.  Even features like visitor flow visualization, which shows you the path users take through your website, are now available and it's all free!

If you haven't done already, get over to Google Analytics now, set up your account in minutes (even less if you already have a Google account) and get the tracking code onto your website.

Google Webmaster Tool

This tool is again another free tool courtesy of Google.  It's quick to set up and gives you huge insight into how Google is viewing your website - this is important especially if you have broken links etc.

The Google Webmaster Tool will allow you to quickly see and fix any problems like 404 errors on your website.  It allows you to examine your inbound links, which is a really good way to measure the performance of your SEO campaigns.  I'd even go as far to say that it's the best tool for measuring inbound links as it's Google reporting back to you on which links they have indexed instead of relying on what some third party tool is telling you they have found.

Another great use of the Google Webmaster Tool is the search query analysis feature.Free-Tools-To-Measure-Online-Marketing-Performance  

This allows you to examine which keywords are driving you the most traffic in the search engines.  You can monitor things like impressions to clicks which of course gives you your average CTR for each search query.  This free tool really does hold quite a lot of power.  When you open your account, make sure you link it to your Google Analytics account so that you can pull data from each application.

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