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"There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story.
You never quite know where they`ll take you." ― Beatrix Potter

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Avoid These Major SEO Mistakes With Your Website

Video Transcription Hello and welcome to this week’s Friday Video Blog. A lot of companies often ask us to take a look at their website structure as they know that the way their website is coded p ...

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A Warning About Google's New Disavow Tool

What's This All About Then? Last Tuesday Google introduced a tool that enables website owners to disavow links to their website. Disavow you say? Yes, the new tool allows you to login to your Google ...

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How To Reduce Wordpress Comment Spam

Video Transcription A self hosted Wordpress site is one of the best CMS systems for blogging out there and we recommend it to almost all of our clients minus the few that have special requirements li ...

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“Hummingbird” useful to know for those who use internet marketing

On 27 of September Google introduced new search algorithm called Hummingbird. Why it is called Hummingbird? Company claims that this algorithm is fast and precise as hummingbird. This was the big d ...

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Google Penguin Update Infographic

Google have announced their latest algorithm update to follow Panda The Google Penguin update seems to have upset a lot of website owners and put a BIG question mark over whether Google have been a l ...

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