Since graduating high school, John has cultivated his competencies across several disciplines. Beginning a career in sales for a regional solar energy company helped John to develop strategic selling and lead generation capabilities. Leveraging this knowledge, he transitioned and began work with one of the largest privately owned marketing and technology corporations in the education field. John has earned a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems and a Masters in Business Administration specializing in internet marketing. He has also studied Project Management with Villanova University and executive training in Leading Teams and Organizations with the University of Notre Dame.

Outside Work

While living in Florida, John has continued to make time for his passion for being outdoors and experiencing all the opportunities the state provides; from camping and kayaking around many of the springs found in Florida, to spending the weekend at the beach with his wife. John also continues to work on developing himself as martial artist and enjoys picking up a book to pass what little time remains in his daily routine.


Based in America?

10215 N. Hyaleah Rd. Tampa, FL 33617

(813) 530 5308
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