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With over 25 years experience marketing a multitude of businesses; Kathy has designed successful campaigns in dozens of industries.  The last 6 years of her career has been dedicated to developing an expertise in online marketing and psychology on which she frequently speaks professionally across the United States.  Kathy is highly skilled and extensively experienced in managing the diverse elements of digital campaigns as well as discovering and capitalizing on hidden sales opportunities. In her position as lead strategist and project director she uniquely tailors each campaign to increase traffic and conversion.  In other words she designs specialized systems for attracting greater numbers of potential customers, and converting a higher percentage of those potentials into actual clients.

Outside Work

Living in Newport Beach dictates an outdoor lifestyle.  Kathy spends as much of her free time with her two college age children as possible but since they don’t have much time to spare for Mom she is off to the beach whether that be for a walk with the dog on the sand, roller blading on the boardwalk or a night our with friends via bicycles.  Kathy has friends and business associates all over the Southern California area, having lived there virtually all of her life so a night at the Grammy Museum or McCabe’s for live music in Los Angeles Kathy is passionate about great, intelligent conversation and creative thinking.


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Los Angeles

246 Orange Street, Newport Beach, CA 92663

(949) 283 2833
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